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World Music at your Fingertips 
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Turtoa: Global Rhythm

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Video Game
"World Music at your Fingertips"

Free download for iOS and Android:

Would you like to see Turtoa on Steam?

Watch the Turtoa announcement trailer here:

🌎 Escape to Turtoa: a musical wonderland filled with turtles, aquatic dragons and rhythmic beats.

🔥 Enjoy addictive yet soothing rhythm gameplay while you feel the pulsating, exotic beat course through your fingers.

♫ Play at a variety of levels: from peaceful meditation in Casual mode to an all-out challenge on the Maestro setting.

This soothing, sensory masterpiece will provide you with relief and rejuvenation: something we all need in today's world.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm is a musical journey around the world. It's entertaining fun for people of all ages!

Turtoa: Global Rhythm

Download free for iOS or Android now:

🌎 Music from renowned world artists:
    ♫ DJ Drez - Indian Fusion Soundscapes
    ♫ David Charrier - Handpan Harmonics
    ♫ Burning Babylon - Dub Roots Riddim
    ♫ Yumi Kurosawa - Japanese Koto
    ♫ Eliyahu Sills - Mystic of the Near East
    ♫ Hola Hola - Latin Acoustic Grooves
    ♫ Rimi Basu - Bengali-American Bollywood Crossover
    ♫ KΓ€issa - Afrobeat Soul
    ♫ OJOLO - Funky World Tribal

β™«β™«β™« PLUS more amazing artists added every month!

Spotify playlists: Turtoa Top Tracks and Turtoa Full Soundtrack.

πŸ‘ Hand-Crafted Levels: all levels in Turtoa are created by real people – no auto-generated content here.

πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Calming Casual Mode: Makes for a truly meditative musical experience.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Maestro Mode: Put your reflexes to the ultimate test in this fastest finger challenge.

🎼 Freedom to Move: Enjoy seven wide lanes to play across.

🐚 Relax: Enjoy the beautiful aquatic atmosphere.

🐌 Slow Down: Make time ooze to a trickle and enjoy perfect precision with Snail and Prawn power-ups.

😁 Play for Free: Songs from across the world.

🐒 Power for Good: Purchases helps to support the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

↗️ Top of the Charts: Compete against friends and others in the Global Leaderboards.

πŸ“ Modder Friendly: Stay tuned for the Beatmap Creator, which is coming soon...

πŸ‘‰ Designed to excel on your mobile phone (iOS and Android), to be followed by a desktop version on Steam.

Download free for iOS or Android now:

Screenshots (click to embiggen):

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm Turtoa: Global Rhythm

Download free for iOS or Android now:


Why Turtles?


Turtles are majestic and wise, keepers of the sea. Turtle shells carry the magic of frequency vibration through the world.

I remember visiting this giant turtle in the Cayman Islands as a boy. It left a lifelong impression upon me. Since then I've had the pleasure of seeing wild turtles enjoying their natural habitat.

When I was playing a Handpan instrument, a friend remarked that it looked like I was playing on a magic turtle shell. I agreed. Thus the seed for Turtoa was planted.

A portion of Turtoa profits will be donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group.

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Download free for iOS or Android now:


Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Game brings world music to your fingertips.

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